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SCT Endorsements

Supplier Capability Tool can reduce sourcing time and costs for your company. Here's what SCT users have to say about the time and cost reduction benefits of SCT:

"I have been in Supply Chain Management for over twenty years with four different companies. As such, I have seen much advancement in the Supply Chain Management profession over the past two decades. I believe that one of the most significant advancements in technology is the ability to find manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world who can offer the best value for the lowest cost. Supplier Capability Tool software is an outstanding tool and provides a highly efficient and effective way to find suppliers. In fact, it is so efficient that I believe it reduces our procurement labor costs and pays for itself within a few weeks. I strongly endorse Supplier Capability Tool and I recommend it to other professionals in the Supply Chain Management profession."
C.H. - Project Manager - Spirit Aerosystems

"As a material planner/buyer, I have used the Supplier Capability Tool search engine to help locate and manage supplers for the past year. I have found that SCT is very easy to use and understand and it instantly identifies all suppliers with the capabilities that Iím looking for. The SCT search engine is very fast and its ability to identify and communicate with suppliers has really helped reduce the amount of time I spend preparing quotes for services, products and materials. SCT is great when trying to locate suppliers when we have a material shortage or need some additional machining capacity.
T.J. - Material Planner/Buyer - Bombardier/Learjet

SCT is a great tool to reduce your sourcing time and costs! For more information and an on-line demonstration of SCT please contact us at: or phone: (316) 655-8748

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