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Executive Summary

In an age of intense competition, supply chain efficiency and adaptability are not just requirements for success, they are necessary for survival. The pressure to transform customer requirements into new products faster at lower cost drives the need for an adaptive and flexible sourcing organization. Supplier Capability Tool creates a supplier capability information network which reduces your sourcing time and cost!

SCT is a web-based software package and database. SCT contains a comprehensive, searchable database of your suppliers’ profiles enabling sourcing specialists to quickly identify material specialists and providers of products and services. An application empowering you to:

  • Reduce sourcing time & cost – Combine multiple spreadsheets and access databases into a comprehensive supplier product and process database.
  • Provide visibility of supplier capabilities & capacity – monitor and analyze your supply chain for efficiency.
  • Respond rapidly to emergent material and process requirements – Instantly identify all distributors and users of materials and components.
  • The result: significant improvements through lead time reductions, faster new product introductions and increased productivity – ultimately leading to a leaner organization.

    To schedule an on-line demonstration of the power and flexibility of SCT, contact us via email at: or phone: (316) 655-8748.

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